[New song] Eminem’s successor, rapper “NF” ‘s new song “Time”

[New song] Eminem’s successor, rapper “NF” ‘s new song “Time”

Introducing Eminem’s successor “NF” ‘s new song “Time”!
“NF” is the most popular rapper who has won the first place in the US for the latest album, and is updating the highest record this year in the HIPHOP / RAP category!


Who is NF?


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NFさん(@nfrealmusic)がシェアした投稿 –

・Age: 28 years old born March 30, 1991

・ Birthplace: Michigan, USA

・ Real name: Nathan John Feuerstein

・His parents divorced when He was young, his mother was drug addicted, his mother’s boyfriend said that only music was saved in a violent environment.
Super ghetto environment growth rapper.

・ ” NF ” ‘s song ” Wake Up ” caught music producer’s eye and contracted with British label Capitol CMG in 2014

NF’s album is a big hit every time!


・ When major debut EP “NF” was released, it won 4th place in the US gospel album chart and ranked 15th in the lap album chart !


・ The album sold in October 2017 ”Perception” First place in the US album overall chart !”

“ Let You Down ” was a hit in Japan. Have you heard of it once?

The Search

・ New album “ The Search ” released this year won the first appearance first place!

Also, the reason for this album’s attention is the sales situation.
HowRecent streaming and online downloads are the mainstream music industry and CDs are selling.

As for sales, the album “ The Search ” of “NF” has sold about 84,000 copies, out of approximately 130,000 album CDs sold nationwide. To say
About half of all album CD sales in the United States is called this album!
It’s a monopoly like AKB48 CD sales in Japan

“NF” new song “Time”

・Let’s check the new song “Time” of “ NF ” !

This song has the content of “ begging the loved ones for time to show their worth ”.
We sing the experience that everyone has tasted freshly.
That is also similar to “ Eminem ”!

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