【New Song】PETZ-All Night Long

【New Song】PETZ-All Night Long

“ YENTOWN ” is a hip-hop group from Japan that is gradually gaining popularity in the Tokyo HipHop scene . The main member and rapper “ Petz ” introduces a new song “ All Night Long ”!

Once you hear it, you must be fascinated by this song!


YENTOWN is a HipHop group from Japan that is gradually gaining popularity in the HipHop scene in Tokyo.

YENTOWN also includes famous artists such as Awich and kZm, as well as music producers and DJs as members.

Awich’s representative song ↓ It is a very popular song in clubs and festivals!

※ kZm’s representative song ↓

Who is PETZ?

・ YENTOWN’s rapper

・ First, “BOYZ STANCE” was released as a trio called The Boyz. After that, the Japanese famous rapper active in a number of festivals KOHH and Junintoiro hit released a song called.

・ “All Night Long” to be introduced this time is one song on the 1st album “COSMOS” which is scheduled to be released on September 25th .

Already popular “ All Night Long ”

・ ” All Night Long ” is a song recorded on the 1st album of PETZ released on September 25th, but it has already been sung live, and the topic is boiling around SNS!


PETZ’s new song “All Night Long”

・ Now let’s check out the new song “ All Night Long ”!


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